Mosaic Strip
Lesley Edgar



"I have to create; I don’t feel whole without design in my life." 

After a long and rewarding career as a commercial textile designer, and the rewarding time bringing up my two gorgeous children who inspire me in so many ways, my love of design, texture and the beauty of colour in its myriad of combinations has finally led me back into the design business.

Having a small manageable design business which I can control from whoa to go while raising my children has been a long held dream. I have finally taken the plunge and created Ozscape Designs' stationery, a completely handmade range of cards and journals of a very high quality and with a very affordable price.

For me there was always something lacking in the stationery market. It was "too stylized", or "too simple, I could do that" or "seen it before, boring" or "cheap and nasty and just plain ugly". I have tried to create the Wow factor. I want a "Wow, love the colours!", or "Oh, that's gorgeous! or "Gee ,it's so different!", response.

Ozscape it! is my motto.

Try something new and different.

And take a peek at the other things I like to create too.

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Lesley is a multi talented artist with a vast experience in both the commercial design arena and various artistic fields including – knitwear design, computer aided design, photography, mosaics and ceramics. She has sold, licensed and produced commercial designs for manufacturers around the globe from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, and the USA.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Lesley is an accomplished textile designer having twice won the Gown of the Year as a young designer. Her extensive world travels and passion for colour and texture have inspired her recent creations in the fine art realm.



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